Homeschool And Preschool Reading Curriculum

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Lena, a proud mom is calling Reading Kingdom “Learning to Read – The New Way”! Here’s what she had to say about her daughter’s experience with the Reading Kingdom:

“This program is perfect if you are homeschooling your kids or if you want to do something extra studying together. What do I think of Reading Kingdom after using it for few weeks? I think it’s a highly intelligent program, and it adjusts quite well based on the results you child provides…

As my daughter progresses through her lessons, I can see her progress on the reader’s report card. This way I don’t have to sit next to her and still know how well she does. About a week after she started the program, I got an email from the Reading Kingdom that stated that my little reader needed some help and I was advised to sit with her on the next class. That “problem” was easily corrected – but don’t you think it’s awesome to get this kind of alert? What did I say before? Smart program… if your main focus is education, this program is perfect. And my daughter is happy with everything on the site.” – Lena Burkut

If you’re looking for the perfect preschool reading program or homeschooling curriculum, join the Reading Kingdom. We have helped thousands of children just like Lena’s daughter boost their literacy skills to a third grade level. Sign up today and receive your first 30 days free!