How to Make A Preschool Homeschooling Curriculum for Reading

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Developing a preschool homeschooling curriculum for reading can be a challenge, but strong preschool and kindergarten reading skills lay the foundation for your children’s future elementary school performance.

Here are some guidelines for making a preschool homeschooling curriculum for reading

• Read, on a regular basis, a whole range of appealing books

These books should cover not only stories like Wind in the Willows, but interesting subjects that will stimulate an interest in science (for example, books about ant colonies, or chimps) and social studies (for example, books about other societies and how people lived.)

• Having fun conversations on a regular basis

Talk about ideas in a sustained manner and in a way that your children can contribute to the conversation.

• Play board games

Games such as Othello and Connect 4 lead a child to think about space and patterns in space.

• Engage in physical activity

Walking, playing ball, climbing, skating, swimming are invaluable for fun, relieving stress, building stamina, helping sleep and on and on!

• Cook with your children on a regular basis

It’s fun, it leads to good health, and it involves lots of math. As a child follows the recipes, it also encourages sustained attention and shows a key role of reading (the setting out and following recipes.)

• Limit high tech time to one hour a day

This includes TV, computer, and hand held games.

• Together with your children, set out, in advance, the TV programs they will watch that week

This encourages decision making and it enables your children to see TV not as a time filler (to alleviate boredom) but as a useful tool that has been given careful thought.

• Go regularly to the library

Go for story time, for picking out good books, and for seeing the range of valuable information that is so easy to access.

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