How not to let your kid’s brain turn to mush over the summer break


Research spanning 100 years shows that the summer learning slide is very real.  Here’s how to keep your kids from experiencing “brain drain” over the summer:

Summer break is here for many students and their teachers across the country. Kids are off to camps, vacations with the grandparents or just time lounging around the house.

But when there is so much focus on American students’ global education competitiveness, students and teachers at all grade levels should find opportunities to keep their minds active and continue learning while enjoying all that summer has to offer.

Summer learning loss is real. It’s also counterproductive. When students return in the fall, teachers must spend considerable time reviewing before they introduce new material and help students develop new and advanced skills.

The National Summer Learning Association reports that students lose an equivalent of two months of their grade-level math computational skills over the summer, and students from low-income families also lose the same equivalency in reading achievement. While summer is a time to relax, it is not a time to stop learning.

The key to education — especially in critical science, technology, engineering and math fields — is activity-based learning that makes concepts relevant in real-world, meaningful ways.
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