How to Prepare Children to Learn to Read and Write


learn-to-readAs Preschool approaches, helping children prepare to learn to read and write can be a challenging task for parents.  Many moms and dads leave this up to the schools, but they have a significant role in helping children get ready for school.

Barbara asks:

How important is it for parents to be involved in helping their preschool children prepare for learning to read and write when they go to school?

Dr. Marion Blank ( Founder) answers:

Everything that we know indicates that the answer is “very important.” And the importance covers a range of domains. Reading comprehension receives relatively little attention in the early grades as much of the effort goes to decoding (“sounding out.”) Through bedtime reading of interesting stories, the children not only share a great experience with their parents, but they steadily build up – in a totally fun environment—the comprehension skills that are going to become increasingly important as they move up in the grades.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that a very high percentage of children encounter difficulty in learning to read. Across the nation, that figure tends to be about 60%. It is striking and a national tragedy that these are the numbers we live with. By teaching their preschoolers, parents can do an amazing amount in not letting their child become one of these statistics.

At the same time, it is important for the parent to recognize that traditional preschool teaching activities often do not in the end ensure success. The usual ones such as letter naming, naming the sounds letters make, and encouraging inaccurate writing (‘invented spelling”) generally do not provide what the children need. That’s why those activities do not play a role in the Reading Kingdom.   If you want to learn more about the skills required for reading, I would recommend my book, The Reading Remedy.

Raise your child to be an eager reader with these 9 tips and discover the two key physical skills that will help prepare your preschooler to read & write.

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