How to Prepare Your Young Child For Learning to Read

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We are frequently asked “what is the best way to help prepare a very young pre-reader to learn to read?”

Here are some tips to prepare children for early reading

  • Set up a daily time — 30 minutes is sufficient– but try to make sure it is daily.
    Go to a quiet area where only you and your child are present (it can be indoors or outdoors).
  • Sit with your child, open the book and at a slow pace, read the book with your child. You can make “easy and simple” comments such as “Here is a big truck. It is really big, and it is so bright. It is all red.”
  • A key to this process is to not question your child (this is very important!).
    Questioning puts pressure on your child and creates stress. Just let him or her look at and enjoy the material with you. 

    You can do a similar activity using simple games like Lotto, or memory, etc. Ravensburger is an excellent company for that.

    Best of luck!

    If your child is beginning their journey to learn to read, it’s important that they build a strong foundation for success in literacy to avoid reading and writing problems as they grow older.  Sign up for a free 30 day trial of the only program that uses all six skills in teaching early reading skills – Reading Kingdom!