How to develop the important skill of visual memory

Small boy reading books at home

A very frequent problem in students learning to read is forgetting what a word “says” even after learning that word several times.
Often, this is a result of poor visual memory (which affects many students). This results in words appearing as “new” even after repeated exposures.
The best thing to do to help students with this challenge is to work on visual memory.

Reading Kingdom offers exercises specifically designed to develop visual memory. But in some cases, students require additional focus in this area.

Reading Kingdom offers several “memory games” in our free games section that is available to anyone. (All you need is a free account and no credit card is required). These memory games can be very helpful. Do these every day for a few weeks and you will see a difference. (You can create a free games account here.)

Here is a tutorial on how to develop visual memory using some simple writing exercises:
If you can do this with your student several times a week, you will see a marked improvement.

We also have a couple of paid programs specifically designed to improve visual memory:

Spelling Ninja is an online program which is designed to develop visual memory:

And the Memory Master program, which is a print version of Spelling Ninja:
Memory Master is essentially the same as Spelling Ninja, but it uses handwriting which is more effective for developing visual memory. The issue is the requirement for handwriting which can be more challenging for some students.

If you can spend 4-6 weeks on improving visual memory, you will find your student’s’ decoding skills rapidly improving.
Wishing you reading success!