How To Help Your Kids Find Their Calling In Life: 4 Secrets From Research

By Eric Barker for his blog

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In prior centuries, life was simpler for young people. Not necessarily better, mind you, but definitely simpler.

You knew where you were gonna live for the rest of your life, what you were gonna do and had a pretty good idea who you might marry. Meaning and purpose in life were handed to you like the forms a new employee gets on their first day at work. This lack of options was utterly stifling — but clear. There’s just a lot less existential questioning when you know from birth you were honor bound to destroy the clan on the other side of the river, and anything else was gravy. Far from “the good old days,” but you know what I mean.

These days kids have limitless options — and no clear answers. A world with a stifling lack of opportunities has become a paralyzing flood of possibility. (Be careful what you wish for, eh?) We don’t want to go back to the old way but we did create a void that we need to fill. It’s hardly surprising that levels of anxiety and depression are far higher among young people these days. They have no idea what they want.

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