How trash talking on a Virginia storefront sign led to a friendly fight across the U.S.-Canada border

By Sydney Page for The Washington Post

It started with a spontaneous sign outside a music store in a Southwest Virginia town.

“Hey Super Shoes! Wanna start a sign war?” wrote Jim Bohon, a music instructor at Bridge Kaldro Music in Christiansburg, Va., on the store’s marquee on April 16.

Bohon said there wasn’t a real reason for the message other than that he wanted to stir up some fun in the town of just over 22,000 residents.

“I just thought it would be kind of cool to have a nice back and forth with the neighbors,” Bohon, 29, said, adding that the two stores have always had a friendly relationship. Still, “I honestly didn’t even know if Super Shoes was going to respond.”

Three days later, though, the shoe store next door fired back: “Hey Bridge Kaldro! Our shoe strings are stronger than your guitar strings.”

It was game on.

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