Illustrated Healthy Recipes for Kids and Parents!


Demands of a busy life can make you want to hit the “easy button” when it comes to preparing meals.

However, the easiest options are not always the healthiest ones.  Nutrition at home affects the health and eating habits of future generations.  The importance of having healthy recipes available both inside and outside the home can be seen in the facts we found on the Healthy Kids website:

  • Adequate fruit intake declined markedly with age. Most young children ate enough fruit every day, but only about half of children aged between nine and15 years ate the recommended daily amount.
  • A minority of children ate the recommended daily amount of vegetables.
  • Most children usually drank full cream milk, which can be high in fat. Reduced fat milk is recommended for children aged two years and above.
  • The majority of children ate ‘extra foods’ – such as fried potato products, potato crisps or salty snacks, confectionary and cakes/biscuits – at least once per week.
  • Few families ate together at the table every day and about a quarter of children ate in front of the television every day.

Now, our friends at Timbuktu are sharing illustrated healthy recipes for both parents and kids that are sure to please!

“Today on Timbuktu there’s a special content: it’s the first illustrated recipe without boring operations and we decided to start from an awesome Eggplant Pie, illustrated by the wonderful Lydia Nichols. Being aware of what you eat, and how you cook it is crucial to raise healthy, responsible kids.

This is why we care A LOT about good recipes and we want you to try them for many reasons:

1. We tried every single recipe and we can tell they are not just beautiful, they’re DELICIOUS. (It was a tough job, but someone…)

2. Cooking together is great: it allows kids to build a healthier relationship with food and it can be fun!

3. Time management is always a huge problem when it comes to family life. Parents would always like to have more time to play with their kids. Cooking dinner together is a great way to optimize your family time.

4. The recipes on Timbuktu are healthy: lots of vegetables, fish, and no fat foods. Most importantly, even if they are not fat, they are tasty and not boring at all!

5. Great fun facts about the food you cook! (Did you know eggplants are not vegetables? They’re fruit! Properly speaking, they’re berries.)”

Click here to read great books for kids that have healthy foods in them, such as “Blueberries for Sal” and “James and the Giant Peach”.  These books may even help you come up with a few of your own healthy recipes! Another great idea is to teach your children how to plant a seedling so they can grow their own garden full of healthy foods!

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