Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills with Reading Kingdom

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Each week, we’re featuring reviews of moms part of The Old Schoolhouse magazine’s review crew who are using the Reading Kingdom with their children. The crew was offered a free year subscription of the Reading Kingdom program to help us spread the word about the program. Click the their names to visit their blogs, and be sure to follow our Reading Kingdom Twitter list featuring some of our homeschooling parents.

“Reading Kingdom really impressed me when I read this one simple bit of information…

The dominant method of reading instruction – phonics, or sounding out – does not work!

My daughter is proof that this was true because at age 10 she does not read very well and we have tried many different phonics programs. Even my boys did better looking through books and reading from repetition rather than a phonics-based program.

Since using Reading Kingdom with my daughter she has improved her reading level in such a dramatic way that just today we read a very hard book together about Wetlands and another about Rain Forests, in which she read the fun facts part out loud to me instead of me reading the entire book.

This is HUGE for my daughter!”Amanda Werner

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