Japanese Craftsman Brings Old Books Back to Life by Making Them Look Brand New

Sometimes you would do anything to have your favorite book come back to life. This craftsman in Japan is doing just that:


This Tokyo-based Japanese craftsman brings old books back to life by making them look brand new through his amazing technique obtained after more than 3 decades of experience in his shop from the Suidobashi area of Japan’s capital.

Okano, the old Japanese craftsman, can reverse almost any deterioration process that a book has witnessed, bringing back the joy of reading old novels and stories to anyone that drops by his repair shop.

This restored old book is a Japanese-English dictionary received by Okano from an old customer that used it throughout his university years and had no use for it anymore. Since Okano’s daughter is going to college, the old Japanese “book repairman” wants to offer her the gift of a lifetime. The gift of knowledge.

Watching Okano restore old books is a true delight, because we always feel that old things, like books, paintings and antiques have a certain “je ne sais quoi” (“I don’t know what”) thing about them that simply makes them priceless.

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