Ask Reading Kingdom: Going from Computer to Paper and Pencil


Jeane asks:

My granddaughter Eva is learning, but really has trouble transferring from the computer to the written word. I believe with a lot of work, we will get her there and I am really making sure she doesn’t get frustrated. She is really trying, but I am wondering why there seems to be a roadblock here.
The issue you raise is not unusual. Like all of us, children can experience difficulty in transferring the skills from one medium to another. One way to help them make the transition is to take the exact material that they have been able to handle on the computer and have them work with it via pencil and paper.

For example, in learning any word on the computer, the child will see and deal with a range of sentences. You can write down a few of those sentences and then have your child read what you have written. Similarly, you can dictate one of the sentences and have her write it. If she experiences difficulty, show her the model, offer a clean piece of paper and start again. If you carry out activities like this three to four times a week in short sessions (of about 15 minutes), it is likely that within a few weeks, you will see significant improvement.

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