Kid’s activity for creating community unity

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Do you have a children interested in soccer and adventure? Then you’ll love the Reading Kingdom recommended activities for elementary school students.

Soccer World Spain: Explore the World through Soccer by Ethan Zohn and David Rosenberg is a book for young readers ages 6 – 9. The book follows the adventures of Ethan who meets up with his young friend Javier in Spain, as they explore the country that proudly won the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Readers will have the opportunity to research a “give back” project in Spain and, through their efforts, make a difference in this wonderful country.

Click here to download this great activity for elementary school students: How to create community unity

Here’s what authors Ethan Zohn and David Rosenberg have to say about this activity: community just like one in Spain.

1. Decide on a name for your community. Be creative. It can come from where you live or your family name, or even the kind of animals you like.
2. Draw a flag for your new community. The stars on the American flag represent the 50 states. What do your symbols stand for on your flag?
3. Make up your own community language. Name it and decide what’s different about it. You can add a letter or sound to every word or sing or whisper your language.
4. Finally, pick your national sport. This can be real, like soccer or baseball. Or it can be totally silly—like plastic duck racing or whipped cream eating.

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