How to Get Your Kids to Enjoy Reading

Parents often want to know how they can get their kids to love to read.

Admittedly, reading has a hard time competing with the many tantalizing, high tech devices that are so readily available. However, when you begin to place reading in a novel, appealing context, some interesting things happen.

For example, a productive and relatively little used technique to stimulate interest in books is available by pairing illustrations with the reading a child is doing. Take some sentences from a book and type them on a page. (If your child has keyboarding skills, you can ask him or her to do the typing.) Then ponder with your child the ways to illustrate the language.

Let’s say a sentence says “When the kids got to the house, they started searching under the porch.” In this case, the drawing has to show some kids, a house and the postures that could indicate searching. Activities like this not only make reading more appealing, but they help to develop the comprehension skills that are so important in reading effectively.

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