Kids Learn to Read & “awesome” customer service!!

learn to read

Jenni is a mom whose son thinks he’s playing a fun game, while our program is actually helping him learn to read.  Here, she shares her thoughts and the results she’s seen so far:

“My son loved it!

I knew this was a hit when he said can I keep going mom? That made me excited! Reading has always been a tough point here. I am an avid reader and I want him to be as well. He loves to hear stories but doesn’t want to read them himself. I know he can, he just doesn’t want to.

Would I recommend this?

Definitely yes! I loved the fact that my son could do this on his own once he signed in. I loved that he wanted to keep going with it. It was fun and a game to him. He doesn’t realize how much he is learning when it’s presented in that way. He didn’t have any struggles with the program. Their customer service is awesome! And any questions we had were answered quickly and efficiently. They are there to offer any help or assistance you need to get started.

I love seeing the reports to see how he is doing and noticing him reading more on his own than before. If you are looking for a great online program to help your early reader, you have found one right here!” — Jenni Ryan

You’ll be just as happy as Jenni when you see the results Reading Kingdom can bring your early reader. Sign up for a free 30 day trial and help your child learn to read today!