Kids and self-esteem: tips for parents to help your elementary school child study

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Tips for parents to help your elementary school child study

• Help your kids revise by re-arranging your family’s schedules and their usual priorities.

• Be more understanding and tolerant to their moods.

• Don’t nag, blame or over criticize them about their studying time but help them to plan or get the help they need.

• Make sure the house is conducive to studying – younger siblings aren’t interrupting or that the TV isn’t up too loud. But also accept that some kids actually study better with background noise.

• Give practical help like buying the correct equipment – pens, compasses or highlighters. Take away the last minute stress of not being prepared.

• Suggest a family treat each week or at the end of the exams to help your child focus on the future which gives them something to look forward to.

• Prepare a good breakfast every morning and be there to send them off positively.

• After each exam just listen – let your child talk it through but don’t dwell on it.

• Let your child know that you love them, respect their efforts and will be there to support them regardless of the outcome of the results.

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