Kindergartner Loves to “Make Words” with Reading Kingdom!


Brandi is a homeschool mom who just introduced her kindergarten age son to Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what she thinks about our program:

Little Bits just turned 5 in July and started kindergarten about 6 weeks ago.  Up until now, we had not done much in the way of formal phonics with him.  At this point he is learning phonics, but we are moving at a gentle pace.  He has been doing Reading Kingdom several times a week, as a supplement to his phonics program.

My little guy is just learning his letters, so after taking the Reading Skills Survey test he was placed at the beginning of the program.  He started out doing visual sequencing and keyboard skills.  He is great with a mouse but is still getting used to when the letters on the keyboard are, which is a big part of Reading Kingdom.

Little Bits has been having a good ol’ time with Reading Kingdom.  He is currently “making words,” as he calls it.  He gets pretty excited and likes to call me over when he learns a new word.

Reading Kingdom is an ideal standalone homeschool curriculum, as well as a supplement to any existing curricula.   Sign up for a free 30 day trial and see the difference our magical land of literacy makes in your classroom.  Lingo and company will see you soon!