Learn to read with an individualized approach

Children start with different abilities when they are ready to learn to read.  As soon as children start the Reading Kingdom program, our unique skills survey determines the best place for them to begin.  Susan’s son is the latest to learn with Lingo and company – here’s what she has to say about our reading program:

“Reading Kingdom fits that description very well. With a game-like format, earning points for correct answers to advance to different levels, and cute graphics, kids won’t mind practicing and improving their reading skills. As a matter of fact, I’ve had to pull mine away from the computer to do math because he wanted to continue to higher levels. Boys do love a challenge! … The thorough nature of the skills survey offsets wasted time and possible boredom with repeated practice of concepts already mastered. The program continues to respond to your child’s progress and customizes itself to their skill level. Children are able to choose the activities as well. Because Reading Kingdom is so user-friendly, and parental involvement is not necessary, kids get to feel that sense of accomplishment and control that helps propel them forward.” — Susan Raber

Foster a love for literacy at the Reading Kingdom.  Thousands of parents and teachers have seen their children and students make significant progress in literacy as they learn to read, write, spell and much more with Lingo and company.  We’re so confident that you’ll love our program that we would love to offer you 30 days free.  Click here to get your children started today!