Learn to Read AND Write with Reading Kingdom

At the Reading Kingdom we believe that it’s essential to teach children writing as well as reading.  Cristi is the latest mom to see her child learn to read AND write with Lingo and company.  Here’s what she thinks:

“I’m a big fan of this program…I really appreciate the way that Reading Kingdom works on both reading and writing words simultaneously. [My daughter] Lauren must be able to spell the word before she can move on to the next lessons, not just be able to decode the words. In that sense, she’s working on spelling skills as much as she is reading (decoding) skills…I’m also impressed with the way RK is set up in such a way that she has to pay attention to details. Even in the activities where she is not typing the words, she must pay close attention to the differences among the answer choices. While Reading Kingdom primarily focuses on reading and writing, I appreciate the way that basic grammar concepts are covered as well. The student is required to start every sentence with a capital letter and end with an appropriate punctuation mark.

My bottom line: Reading Kingdom is a fabulous program for beginning readers. It builds a wide range of literacy skills simultaneously, requires students to pay close attention to their reading materials, and gives students a solid foundation for reading and writing.” — Cristi Schwamb

If you want your children and students to learn and comprehend all aspects of literacy, including reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and more, click here to sign up for 30 days free.  Lingo knows literacy and we’re excited to show you why thousands of parents and teachers already love our program.  We’ll see you soon!