Learn to Read and MORE with Reading Kingdom!


Michele is a mom who signed one of her sons up to learn to read with Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what she thinks:

“Reading Kingdom uses various activities to teach children word and sentence reading.   After several parts of each level are mastered the program presents a book to be read using the words mastered.

When new words are introduced, it will ask the child to spell a word.  “Can you type the word walk?”  After the child tries and gets it incorrect then it teaches that words with various activities such as matching and filling in missing levels.  My son did get frustrated when he did n not know a word, but I just kept reassuring him that the whole point of the program was to learn new words, not know all they asked him about.  Yes, we tend to have a perfection issue here!

To help with motivation, once a certain number of points are earned, your child can “open” a new passport. While this seems a little silly to the adult in me, my son loves it and is always asking how many more points he needs.  He loves watching the little animated pictures come to life, and hey, if it works, bring it on!

One of the challenges we have found with this program has been using the keyboard.  It is one thing to be able to read words or even write them, but let’s face it, keyboard skills are sometimes lacking in younger children.  The GREAT thing though is that this has pushed CJ to start to learn the keyboard.  In addition, if they type in a wrong letter a screen will pop up to show them where to find the letter they got wrong.  As a matter of fact there have been a few times where I realized my son was just waiting for that screen to pop up to help him.  Smart kid, huh?  Or does that count as sneaky?  You also have to make sure your child enters spaces between words as well as use proper capitalization and punctuation, but I actually like those being taught to enforce writing skills.

We have been very happy with this program and I have seen great progression with CJ’s reading as well as his overall confidence.  I have also seen that since we have worked with this program daily he has been able to stay with it a little longer each time.” – Michele Pleasants

To see how your child can learn to read on their own in just 15-20 minutes a day, sign up for a free 30 day trial of Reading Kingdom. Lingo and company will see you soon!