Learn to Read on National Family Literacy Day!

Helping children all over the world learn to read and write is Reading Kingdom’s passion.  Lingo and company love to celebrate education enthusiasts who advance children’s literacy skills and today, we’re excited to share National Family Literacy Day!  Here’s more about how today begins a month long celebration from the NCFL website:


National Family Literacy Day – November 1st

“Education advocates around the nation celebrate National Family Literacy Day® and National Family Literacy Month® by organizing and conducting literacy events that promote family literacy and learning. The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) leads these efforts by providing special programming, award opportunities, and materials to build awareness and engage families in celebration of the day and throughout the month of November.

The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) celebrates National Family Literacy Day® and ushers in National Family Literacy Month®.”

We’re celebrating this special month by offering a free 30 day trial to Reading Kingdom! Promote literacy improvement in your young ones today by giving them the opportunity to learn to read, write and spell on their own at Reading Kingdom.

We love teaching children how to read so much that even the “L” in Lingo (the Reading Kingdom owl) stands for literacy!   Join the thousands of parents and teachers who have already joined the party in our magical land of literacy and join us today.  We’ll see you soon!