Lingo Liberates Struggling Readers!

For years, children that were considered “struggling readers” would be automatically categorized as having a learning disability that would hinder them from learning to read.  Reading Kingdom changes everything by focusing on a full range of literacy skills that teaches children   to read up to a third grade level, including struggling readers. Amy’s daughter started using Reading Kingdom during the summer and is happy to share what she thinks about Anna’s progress.

“This summer we have been spending some time using an on-line subscription program called Reading Kingdom.  I am using the program with my daughter Anna.  She is a struggling reader and is finally making progress after lots of tears and very difficult work…Anna enjoys Reading Kingdom…she has been happy playing with the program.

I love the fact that she is learning where letters are located on the keyboard too.  Yesterday she started to ask me, and then remembered on her own so I know this is starting to click.  Isn’t it exciting when that happens? One of the things I really like in Reading Kingdom are the student reports.  I can quickly and easily see which sections Anna has started, how much she has completed (percentage), and how well she is doing.  The code is very simple so that I can see where Anna is at a glance.  This is important because I don’t often have time to sit down with her while she is doing Reading Kingdom work.

Reading Kingdom takes a different approach then most reading curriculums in that they do not focus on phonics, or whole language, or even a simple combination of the two.  Instead, Reading Kingdom focuses on teaching six skills considered essential to excellence in both reading and writing.  I think the broader focus of this program is very important, especially for the struggling reader who is less likely to pick up sequencing and comprehension skills (for instance) on their own.

My Bottom Line: We started Reading Kingdom during the summer and did not use it as often as I would have liked.   We started school on Tuesday, and of the three days we have done school this week, Anna asked to play Reading Kingdom.  She enjoys the computer time and the independence that she has from using the keyboard on her own.  I can tell that she is learning and I am excited to see how far Reading Kingdom will take her in the next year.  I am seriously considering a subscription for my younger son.” — Amy Blevins

Reading Kingdom provides the perfect standalone curriculum for learning to read, as well as the ideal addition to any curriculum already in place.  Our patented six skill method has already been proven in the hundreds of excellent reviews we’ve received.  Introduce your child to Lingo and company by signing up for a free 30 day trial of Reading Kingdom today.  We’ll see you soon!