Lingo likes: Education Superhighway!

With the Internet constantly evolving, and the way we learn to read, write, analyze and solve problems is changing at such a rapid rate, it has become necessary for all schools have access to broadband technology. Education Superhighway is aiming to transform education by closing the digital divide that is current in schools today and that’s why this is the site Lingo likes this week!


“Technology has driven massive increases in the quality and productivity of nearly every sector of our economy and is now poised to do the same in education.

Over $2 billion has been invested in new education technology companies over the last decade and the result has been a plethora of innovative technologies that are transforming teaching and learning.  Technology is helping personalize learning, making it collaborative, increasing time for teaching, shrinking effective class sizes and expanding learning beyond the classroom.  It is also transforming teaching – enabling our great teachers to teach all of our students (not just the few who come to their classrooms), eliminating the need to teach to the middle and personalizing professional development.

Unfortunately, 80% of our schools do not have the broadband infrastructure required to take advantage of the promise of education technology.

The FCC, the U.S. Department of Education and other experts all recommend that schools have at least 100MB of broadband per 1,000 students.  Meeting this objective will lay the foundation for every child to receive a great education regardless of where they live or their socio-economic status.  Failure will mean that the students most in need of improved outcomes and the schools most in need of a way to improve quality in the face of shrinking budgets will be shut out from the promise of education technology by a lack of broadband.

We need to close the digital divide in our schools by upgrading every K-12 school in America to 100MB+ broadband infrastructure.

This is not a funding or technology problem.  The FCC’s E-Rate program provides $2-3 billion per year to help schools upgrade their broadband infrastructure.  If we maximize the impact of this funding through collective purchasing every school in America can deploy 100MB+ broadband infrastructure using off the shelf technology.  Rather, we have a digital divide in our schools due to a lack of information about where to direct E-Rate funding, fragmented purchasing by 14,000 school districts, a lack of expertise in our schools about how to deploy and manage 100MB+ infrastructure and a paucity of high speed broadband in school neighborhoods.”

If you know of a school in your area or elsewhere that is in need of an upgrade in their broadband infrastructure, let them know about Education Superhighway!  After all, it is the internet that has brought the availability of our very online reading program for kids.

Join us today for a free 30 day trial and see just how important the web can be for your children when they are ready to learn to read.

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