Lingo Likes Family Literacy!

Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” – Emilie Buchwald

The importance of family reading time cannot be overstated.  Years of research has shown endless benefits associated with reading to children and it remains a strong indicator of future academic success.  Lingo flies all over the internet to find the best sites for kids, parents and educators alike and that’s why today’s site Lingo likes is The National Center for Family Literacy at   Here’s more about them from their website:
“Our emphasis is on family literacy for a simple reason – study after study shows that family, home and community are the true drivers of a child’s education. Consider:

•    Children’s reading scores improve dramatically when their parents are involved in helping them learn to read.

•    Low family income and a mother’s lack of education are the two biggest risk factors that hamper a child’s early learning and development.

Literacy is essential to success in today’s economy, now more than ever. The family literacy approach harnesses the strength of parent-child bonds to help those who are most at risk of failing economically, emotionally and socially. We build success by strengthening their confidence, increasing their ability and broadening their outlook. The results have an impact on a personal level as well as a national one.”

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