Lingo Likes: Free Online Calculators!


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The introduction of the electronic calculator in the 1960’s made finding simplified solutions to math problems a whole lot easier.  Lingo flies all over the world to find the best locations for learning as well as problem solving resources for kids, parents and educators alike – that’s why today’s site Lingo likes is CALKOO.

learn-to-readCALKOO offers a collection of free online calculators that quickly give you the answers you need, and quick. The website offers just about every mathematical solution available, all placed into convenient categories that make problem solving a cinch!

Here are just a few of the calculations offered by CALKOO:

•    Wage, vacation, taxes

•    Mathematics ( Fractions, Percentage Calculations, Quadratic Equations, etc.)

•    Capital Budgeting (Internal Rate of Return, Present Value and Profitability index)

•    Measurement & conversion (BMI, Area Calculator, Currency Converter, etc.)

•    Financial analysis (Time Value of Money, Cash Flow, Break-Even Point, etc.)

•    Saving & Investing

•    Stock Analysis

With all of these functions, it looks like math has become a problem of the past!

Now that we’ve finished sharing this great educational website, Lingo is off on another adventure through the Reading Kingdom and beyond!

As everyone knows, math and reading go hand in hand, so if you’re interested in a great online reading program that can be used as a homeschooling curriculum, as a supplement to your existing curriculum, or as an interactive reading game for kids, sign up for a free trial of the Reading Kingdom today!

Since using Reading Kingdom with my daughter she has improved her reading level in such a dramatic way that just today we read a very hard book together about Wetlands and another about Rain Forests, in which she read the fun facts part out loud to me instead of me reading the entire book. This is HUGE for my daughter!” — Amanda Werner