Lingo Likes: The Google World Wonders Project

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson


We sent Lingo on a mission to explore the internet, only this time our mascot owl decided to travel the world – through the internet!  The Google World Wonders Project brings a whole new way to discover the sights of the world and we’re happy to share this sensational site we like with you!  Here’s more about the Google World Wonders Project from their website:


“By using our Street View technology, Google has a unique opportunity to make world heritage sites available to users across the globe. Street View is a hugely popular feature of Google Maps which is already available in dozens of countries. It allows users to virtually explore and navigate a neighborhood through panoramic street-level images. With advancements in our camera technologies we can now go off the beaten track to photograph some of the most significant places in the world so that anyone anywhere can explore them.

Street View has already proved a real hit for tourists and avid virtual explorers. The World Wonders Project also presents a valuable resource for students and scholars who can now virtually discover some of the most famous sites on earth. The project offers an innovative way to teach history and geography to students all over the world.”

Another great feature about Google’s World Wonders Project is that teachers are able to download the resources for free to use as educational material for their students.

Now that we’ve finished sharing this great educational website, Lingo is off on another adventure!

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