Lingo Likes: When Kids Eat Free!


We all love the luxury of going out to eat, but it can become expensive with kids.  Sometimes, children may not even finish their food despite the fact that you’ve already paid for the full dish.  Now there’s a great place to go to find businesses giving discounts and even letting kids eat free!

While Lingo isn’t teaching to read, the famous Reading Kingdom owl can be found surfing the web for great websites related to education and family.    This week, Lingo likes MyKidsEatFree – here’s a bit about them from their website.

My wife and I were always looking for restaurants around our city that offered inexpensive children menus or even better, Kids Eat Free offers. More and more restaurants are starting to offer Kids Nights with special pricing offers. The trouble for us was trying to find out which restaurants were offering what on which nights.

My Kids Eat Free was designed to give you and your family options for your night outs. With the help of several friends and viewers like you, we continue to collect a list of Kid Friendly and Family Friendly restaurants that offer great value for your family.”

Now that we’ve finished sharing this great educational website, Lingo is off on another adventure through the Reading Kingdom and beyond! While you’re still here, join us for a free 30 day trial of the reading program for kids that’s teaching to read up to a third grade reading level.  We’ll see you soon!

“We LOVE this program. I have officially packed up my phonics curriculum for both children. I have noticed improvement in reading with my 7 year old and much less frustration from both of us since we don’t have to dredge through phonics. She can read real books and spell the words and get feedback right away…I plan on using Reading Kingdom with my other children as they reach the appropriate age to use it.”— Katie Corbett