Lingo Likes the YES! Magazine Student Writing Competition

“Learning to write is an essential part of learning to read well – when children can write effectively, they can read effectively. Writing and reading are skills that reinforce one another.” – Dr. Marion Blank


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We sent Lingo on a journey through the web to find the best websites for kids that promote literacy. Lingo knew that along with helping children learn to read, Reading Kingdom also helps children learn to write.  Our mascot owl returned in excitement with theYES! Magazine Student Writing Competition.”
Here’s more about the essay contest from their website.

“The YES! National Student Writing Competition is an opportunity for middle school through university students to write for a real audience—not just you, the teacher—and the chance to be published by an award-winning magazine.

Each quarter, students are invited to read and write an essay on a selected YES! Magazine article. We divide contestants into four categories: middle school, high school, university, and Powerful Voice (for authors whose essays are powerful and passionate). Winning essays in each category are published on the YES! Magazine website and in our online education newsletter.”

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