A low cost alternative to hiring a reading tutor

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Parents everywhere are discovering what sets the Reading Kingdom apart from any other learning program online.  The most recent person to find the advantages of using the Reading Kingdom with her child had this to say:

“Thank you for this opportunity to try the Reading Kingdom. It is a terrific program…Reading Kingdom provides a comprehensive reading program that fills in the gaps. Phonics and whole language introduce a child to reading, but eventually, you will need to supplement them with further instruction and I believe that Reading Kingdom provides that. It is the first educational program I have seen that not only teaches children to read, but spelling, comprehension, grammar, and punctuation.” — Shen-Li

If you’re looking for a program for your child that strengthens every area of their reading skills up to a third grade level including reading comprehension, understanding sight words and more, then you need to look no further.  Sign up for the Reading Kingdom free 30 day trial to quickly discover what many other parents and educators already have – that the Reading Kingdom has the tools needed for systematic reading success!