Math Apps for Kids: Kids Numbers and Math

“Kids Numbers and Math” is one of the recommended math apps for kids here at Reading Kingdom.  Our friends at YogiPlay explain why:

math apps for kids

“The number 10 has a stick and a circle in it, and the number 8 looks like a snowman! Your child will learn to recognize numbers and count with them in this math app that has something for everyone.

The fun is in learning how numbers fit together like puzzle pieces, while becoming familiar with what it means to “7-8-9-10″ and start again. You’ll love how this app caters to different learning levels, so your littlest mathematician can enjoy counting, while your older math whiz perfects basic addition and subtraction. It’s like having math camp at your fingertips!”

Kids Numbers and Math is recommended for ages 3-8.
Download here for $2.99 on Amazon

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