Math Apps for Your Homeschooling Curriculum – Teach Kids About Coins and Making Change!

When it comes to children learning about money, we’d like to use the coined phrase “every penny counts”! That’s why today’s recommended math app to add to your homeschooling curriculum is a fun app that will have parents counting their blessings for their children’s positive change in coin counting ability. How can counting coins be fun and educational at the same time? Heads up! Here’s the details. 🙂

Learn about making change with the fun, jungle-themed app Jungle Coins. Kids love the fun sound effects and animations, and these math apps are packed full of flexible levels and features.

Jungle Coins is such a thorough coins skills app that will most certainly grow with your children, from the time they begin recognizing coins and their values, right up until they are able to confidently make change.

This app really makes learning money skills fun for children, my 8-year-old can work with this app for quite a while (she’s a bit behind in her money skills and it has been frustrating her so she’s excited to have this practice tool to work with). It’s exciting to see her exercising her mental math muscles as she adds up different groups of coins in her head by using skip counting and addition.

Jungle Coins is available on the iPad – $2.99

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