Meal Idea for Kids: Fried Worm Sandwiches!

One of the easiest ways for your kids to eat right is to create a meal idea for kids that they can have fun with.  While today’s meal idea may be a bit squirmy, this “grub” is sure to keep your little ones entertained as they eat!

Today’s great meal idea for kids: Fried Worm Sandwiches


“I have every intention to make fruits and vegetables MORE appealing to your little ones, but instead this idea is likely to gross them out!  But hey, maybe someone’s having a “Gross things” party, or need some edible, yet ugly Halloween party food, or just read the book, “How to Eat Fried Worms” and wanted a little object lesson lunch. Whatever your reasons, here is our WORM SANDWICHES!

  • First, we Julienned zucchini and yellow squash. (fancy for cutting into long strips)
  • Then, we put in our cast iron skillet with 1/4 cup water mixed with some brown food coloring.
  • And sautéed in the water until soft and tender.
    • And there is our crazy, gross looking lunch that we actually like 🙂
      meal ideas for kids how to eat fried worms

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