Meal Ideas for Kids: Owl Sandwich!



FunkyLunch – Owl Sandwich

Children spend an enormous amount of energy during the day as they learn to read, write, spell, and solve problems. Therefore, it’s important for them to nourish their body with wholesome foods to keep them going. To help fuel your little ones throughout the day, we’re proud to bring you magnificent meal ideas for kids!

Today’s great meal idea for kids is creative cuisine at it’s finest: Owl Sandwiches!  The owl sandwich features healthy ingredients like carrots and cucumbers to provide plenty of vitamins, along with a modest mix of carbohydrates and protein to make a well balanced meal. Lingo the Reading Kingdom owl loves to make this sandwich and is sure you will too!

The best part of these meal ideas for kids is that children can help out in the kitchen and learn while preparing them.  With today’s recipe, children can practice artwork, careful cutting, and clean-as-you-go practices!

“Kids will have a ‘hoot’ making and eating this wide-eyed, feathery feast!

You will need

• Wholemeal bread
• 50/50 white bread
• Sandwich filling
• Cheese
• Carrot
• Cucumber
• Breadstick


1. Make your favourite sandwich using the filling of your choice and then cut it into an oval shape – a bit like an egg.

2. From the top layer of the sandwich, cut a small oval shape, starting from the bottom of the owl’s body, to just over halfway up. Gently remove this top layer of bread and
then, using your slice of white bread cut a shape to match the piece you have just removed.

3. Place the white bread oval into the gap on the sandwich and then, using a small knife or cocktail stick, scratch around the join of the white bread and brown to merge the two pieces together so it looks like a feathered edge.

4. To make the eyes, cut the outline of a number 8 from a slice of cheese and turn it on its side. Finish the eyes with two small circles of cucumber skin.

5. From a thin slice of carrot, cut a triangle shape and rest this in place for the beak.

6. The feet can be cut from a small wedge of carrot and then cut small V-shapes to form the claws.

7. Decorate your plate with a breadstick tree branch and then sit your owl onto the plate in position.

Top Tip

Try using two slices of hard-boiled egg for the eyes as the white and yellow make a perfect base for your wide-eyed owl.”

After your children have finished their breakfast and helped with cleanup, talk with them about what they learned while preparing the meal.  Chances are, they really enjoyed helping prepare the meal and didn’t even realize that they were learning during the process!

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