Meal ideas for kids: Lunch Faces!

Children need a lot of energy during the day to help them learn to read, write, spell and do the rest of their schoolwork. It’s important for them to nourish their bodies with wholesome foods. To help keep your little ones going throughout the day, we’re happy to feed more than just their minds with healthy meal ideas for kids. Children can even help create these recipes with you!

Today’s great meal idea for kids: Lunch faces!

“Have you seen those new whole wheat sandwich thins? It’s a round slice of extra thin bread, perfect for making sandwich faces or even mini lunch pizza’s! I had my niece and nephew over for lunch yesterday, so that is what we made. My niece had a fun time making them, but she actually didn’t eat any of the faces she made.LOL. BUT, you could do the same thing with veggies that your kids do like, I just didn’t know what she likes and what she doesn’t.


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For your Sandwich faces include:

• Shredded lettuce or carrots for hair
• Eggs, olives, peas, peppers, or carrots for eyes
• Peppers, tomatoes, pickles, or relish for a mouth.
• Hummus, low fat mayo, light cream cheese, or mustard for a spread.

The Benefits of giving your kids 100% whole wheat bread vs. white bread!

• Their blood sugar doesn’t take a roller coaster ride!
• The carbs are matched with fiber, protein, and vitamins for a more complete meal!
• Studies show people who eat whole grains are less likely to be overweight.
• The bran and germ include Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and E
• The bran and germ also has folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, iron and fiber! All lost during refining to white!


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We always have whole wheat bread around here. And that’s why it’s a little embarrassing how excited my kids get at church when they are serving up white bread for the sacrament. They start whispering to each other.. “It’s WHITE BREAD!!” and literally savor their tiny little portion. Have you made the switch to whole wheat bread?”

After your children have finished this tasty snack and helped clean up, talk with them about what they learned about this great meal. Chances are, they really enjoyed helping to prepare it and didn’t even realize that they were learning during the process!

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