Meal Ideas for Kids: Sticky Stacky Sandwiches

Children need a lot of energy during the day to help them learn to read, write, spell and do the rest of their schoolwork. It’s important for them to nourish their bodies with wholesome foods.

To help keep your little ones going throughout the day, we’re happy to feed more than just their minds with healthy meal ideas for kids. Children can even help create these recipes with you!

Today’s great meal idea for kids: Sticky Stacky Sandwiches!


“The kids love it when we make the same old boring sandwiches, with a new presentation! Skewering your sandwich ingredients is fast, fun, and for kids who normally don’t eat tomatoes on their sandwiches, they just might when it’s on a stick!

We’ve got some:

• Whole Wheat breadmeal-ideas-kids
• Cheese (cut with cookie cutters)
• Lettuce
• Tomato
• Turkey
• More cheese
• and another piece of whole wheat bread.

You can get creative and stack any type of sandwiches this way. The key to making a sandwich healthy for your little ones is to make sure:

• You are using 100% whole grain bread!
• You include a protein (if using lunch meat, watch for sodium content, or cut your own from a home cooked turkey)
o good proteins include peanut butter or other nut butters, meat, a bean spread like hummus, etc.)
• Include fruits or vegetables!
o Vegetables are a great combo with any bean spread or lunch meat. Fruit is great to slice on nut butters.
Stick your finished Sticky Stacky Sandwiches in Styrofoam, put in a flower pot, and use as a centerpiece. Your kids will have fun pulling one out for their mid day meal!”

After your children have finished this tasty meal and helped clean up, talk with them about what they learned. Chances are, they really enjoyed helping to prepare it and didn’t even realize that they were learning during the process!

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