Meet Mr. and Mrs. Green

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Green is the story of two alligators and the strong bond they share.  The book is reviewed by Sweet on Books.What y-

What you need to know:

• This is the first in a series of four books about Mr. and Mrs. Green, but while it is a series, it does not have to be read
in order.
• The books are set up as 3 inter-related, but not continuous, short stories, that can be read in any order.
• Mr. and Mrs. Green’s relationship is a very positive example of a warm, caring and respectful friendship.
• Your early reader will thoroughly enjoy these clever alligators and their tales, written simply and directly, with
amusing illustrations.

Sweet Series Background:

Mr. and Mrs. Green are a couple of adventure-seeking alligators. They enjoy each other very much and have many wild experiences together. The countless mini-lessons in math, cooperation, and optimism weaved throughout each story, makes every Mr. and Mrs. Green book a multi-layered learning experience, without being burdensome. To the young reader, they will just be enjoyable stories with really funny and appealing alligator characters.

Sweet Book Summary:

In Meet Mr. and Mrs. Green, the Greens go camping and Mr. Green faces his fears of the outdoors at night. In 100 Pancakes, Mrs. Green cooks 100 pancakes for Mr. Green to eat in one sitting. Much math lessons abound. Finally, in County Fair, the Greens work together to enjoy the fair and win some blue ribbons.

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