Mom deems Reading Kingdom “pretty close to perfect”


Meg is a mom who signed her early reader up for a subscription to Reading Kingdom and was nothing less than shocked at the results.  Here’s what she thinks of our reading program:

I’m not certain that Reading Kingdom is “perfect,” but I think it’s pretty close.

Programs that are very phonics based don’t work for us – Jude can’t hear the sounds properly. Whole word requires memorizing – sure, there are some “sight words” that make life easier (it makes more sense to just memorize some of the words on the Dolch word list than try to sound out “the” or “how” or even “Santa” than try to sound them out every time you come across them), but even I look at that list and am overwhelmed at the thought of trying to memorize all of them.   Throw in that English is a language with its roots in every other language, and you’re not really learning “English” rules but “rules from every other language around the world.” Looking at learning to read from a teacher’s perspective, I can see why he’s feeling overwhelmed!

Reading Kingdom uses both phonics and sight word concepts, but in a very unique way.  Dr. Marion Blank has created a program that incorporates tenets of both phonics and whole language programs, but goes beyond adding the “work behind the words.”

Sign up for a free 30 day trial of Reading Kingdom to join thousands of happy parents and see the award-winning “6-SIM” Six Skill Integrated Method at work.  Lingo and company will see you soon!