Mom Finds a Reading Program That Yields Progress!


Thousands of parents have seen Reading Kingdom help their children learn to read while they think they’re playing a game.  Michelle is a mom who just tried our online reading program for her kids.  Here’s what she thinks:

“I am extremely thrilled to introduce you to the Reading Kingdom online program.  The very first step for all children is a test to see where they need to start with the program.  What I really loved is that Reading Kingdom starts back at keyboarding if needed!  So your children aren’t hunting and pecking their way through the program but actually learning where the letters, numbers and symbols are on their keyboard.

John started with Seeing Sequences and Letter Land.  Each screen is teaching him where to find the letters on the keyboard, proper reading technique (left to right) and letter identification.  Grace is on the Reading/Writing Level 1.  It is very challenging for her which is great!  She always blasts through reading and spelling and Reading Kingdom truly challenges her!  From this Momma’s perspective, that is great!

The twins have both progressed through Reading Kingdom, learning something new every day.  What I love about it is, they consider it a game not “school” time.” – Michelle Gills

Sign up for a free 30 day trial of our online reading program and game. You’ll be amazed as you see your children learn to read while they have fun with Lingo and friends at Reading Kingdom.  We’ll see you soon!