Mom Finds a Well Rounded Reading and Writing Program


Amy is a mom who uses Reading Kingdom with her two sons ages 6 and 7.  Here’s what she thinks about our online reading program:

“We were offered the opportunity to review Reading Kingdom which I am very grateful for. I used this reading program with both of my boys Aidan (age 7) and Noah (age 6). My boys used the online program four days a week (Monday – Thursday) completing one lesson a day. It usually took them around 10 – 15 minutes to complete a lesson. Let me list a few reason we have enjoyed Reading Kingdom:

  • The lessons seemed more like a game to the boys then actual work. This was a big PLUS in my book! They were learning but it was fun and exciting for them, so they were happy and eager to do it again the next day.
  • The graphics were very cute. My youngest son Noah enjoyed the graphics the most he loved seeing the little owls dancing around and talking… it always brought a smile to his face.
  • They could both use this program on their own. This was another big plus in my book! I love programs that my sons are able to complete without much assistance. It helps for them to enjoy the process and get the most from the daily teachings.
  • It was created by Dr. Marion Blank, Director of the Light on Learning Program at Columbia University and one of the world’s top expects in reading.
  • Reading Kingdom starts off by testing your child to see what reading level they are on. And with each lesson they complete the program actually keeps up with their learning process… what they need more help on, what they already know and it incorporates that into the daily lessons. It offers a customized online reading instruction for each individual child.
  • This program will work with ANY other curriculum you are already using!
  • It’s the only system that teaches all six skills needed for reading and writing success!

What could be better than that!!!

I would recommend Reading Kingdom to any parent, teacher or homeschooler that is looking for a well rounded reading and writing program!” – Amy Lowery

Over 40 years of research make our online reading program a game changer in literacy education.  Find the reasons why Reading Kingdom is right for your child with a free 30 day trial.  We’ll see you soon!