This mom is happy that her daughter is using our online reading program!

Tracey’s daughter Alyssa is using our online reading program.  Both of them couldn’t be happier with the learning taking place.  Here’s what Tracey thinks about our approach to learning to read:

“I have been searching for a reading curriculum or even a supplement that would help challenge my daughter in this area. Reading Kingdom came highly recommended by others, because it customizes to a child’s needs.  Lingo, the animated colorful owl, will guide your child through the leveled program. The colorful game animations, graphics, and sound effects engage a child in the learning process. Alyssa adored him and knew that when he was on the screen it was time to focus on her reading and writing lessons for the day.  I am thankful that the program assesses each word prior to teaching all words using a minimum of four game formats. Alyssa was able to skip over certain word lessons and move to the next word eliminating the need for her to work on mastered skills and preventing boredom or frustration in the long run.

Alyssa is making progress with this program. The effective techniques have been used successfully in our home while building her confidence level as she learns increasingly more difficult words. I have noticed improvements and witnessed learning taking place as she interacts with the ’game’ formats. Alyssa was working on a writing assignment one day and she asked me how to spell the word ’girl.’ She immediately yelled back, ’Never mind, I learned how to spell ’girl’ on Reading Kingdom. The ’ comes before the r.’

I recommend this program for older pre-readers (ages 5-6), struggling readers, on-level readers, and advanced readers. This program can be used for both homeschooled children and those in the classroom. I would also recommend Reading Kingdom for children with special needs; this program may be beneficial for children that participate in a school’s Title program.” – Tracey Masters

Hundreds of parents and educators have reviewed Reading Kingdom and they all agree that our unique approach to learning is both fun and educational.  See the results your children can produce and sign them up for a 30 day free trial of our online learning program.