Children are learning literacy skills with Reading Kingdom!

As children enter their first years of school, parents want them to be fully prepared. Basic literacy skills are a requirement for all academic success – and  a major factor in predicting a child’s success as they get older. Reading Kingdom offers a unique and powerful teaching method not found in any other program – one that can help any child succeed.

Lisa Whitham from the blog Mommie of 2 has recently introduced her daughter to Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what she had to say:

“Reading Kingdom is unique in that is customizes the lessons for your child’s level.  My daughter began with letter recognition and then moved on to words.  This is excellent because not all 5 year old children are at the same reading level!  I also love that my daughter is getting more familiar with the letters and symbols on the keyboard.  The Reading Kingdom is something we will continue to use for our daughter to help her improve her reading skills.  This is also a great program for homeschooling parents or parents that want to give their children a little boost in their reading skills.  I love that my daughter enjoys using this online learning program. She asks me when she can play her computer game.  I love it!” — Lisa Whitham

To improve your child’s literacy skills and set them on a course for future success, start with the only program that teaches all six skills needed for early reading success.  Our award-winning program has created thousands of happy parents and teachers. Join us for 30 days free and discover the magic waiting for your child at the Reading Kingdom!