Moms Review Reading Kingdom Curriculum

Reading Kingdom Online Reading Program

Each week, we’re featuring reviews of moms part of The Old Schoolhouse magazine’s review crew who are using the Reading Kingdom with their children. The crew was offered a free year subscription of the Reading Kingdom program to help us spread the word about the program. Click the their names to visit their blogs, and be sure to follow our Reading Kingdom Twitter list featuring some of our homeschooling parents.

“The past few weeks, we have had the opportunity to use this program, and Little Bit has really been enjoying himself! It’s one of the first things he asks to do each morning (after pet chores, breakfast, and morning worship!….and sometimes doesn’t even wait for all the other things to be completed! LOL)… It is a fun, very interactive program. Captivating, and motivating….I am sure your children will enjoy it as much as my little guy has been. In fact, he’ll be in here any moment, asking to get started!” Wendy Ross

“My favorite part of the program? It teaches sight words, but they are not just learning to LOOK at them. They learn to type, read and recognize the words, even in the middle of a story. And once they have learned a word, it is not just put on a shelf, they use it in later lessons, over and over again. They do not learn to write the words physically but that is out of the scope of the program. They do learn to spell each word perfectly, which was completely unexpected to me. I love that!”….“Bop loves Reading Kingdom…This program really gave her confidence by giving her the ability to read fluently- to look at a word and know it. She was able to quickly understand what to do in each section of the program with minimal confusion, and I am happy to report that after only two months she has moved on to level 2! Michelle Snyder

“I love this program and was so pleased with it’s ease of use, even for my 5 and 6 year olds who did not have much previous experience typing. It does not only teach phonics, but it is the only program that teaches all 6 concepts essential to learning to read and write! I love how it is all incorporated, the children who have used the program have learned so much!

My 10yo boy said “I think it is really fun and it is teaching me lots of new things I didn’t know before.”
My 8yo boy said “I thought it was very fun and made me be able to read better.”
My 6yo girl just said “I like Reading Kingdom. My favorite part is where I get to type the words.”
My 5yo said “I like it, especially the parts where I click on the things like ‘d’ when he tells me.”

So, there you go, 5 thumbs up for Reading Kingdom” Lindsay Durant

“The lesson pages are very engaging with bright colors and fun animations and sounds. Many giggles commenced as they answered questions and saw how their response triggered sounds and silliness.” Traci Hoffmann

“I will start with my oldest child. At 10 years old, he was already a great reader but enjoyed completing the lessons that Reading Kingdom allowed him to do. He also thought that it was “cool” that the program graduated him in just five lessons. My next child, 9 years old, is a good reader but needs keyboarding help. She loves the chance to practice her typing skills and enjoys the cute characters. She loves Reading Kingdom so much that I usually have to tell her to stop. The next two children, ages 3 and 4, love the characters as well. They are also learning to recognize their letters better. Both of them ask me every morning it they can “do their typing now”…..

….“As a parent who does not like a lot of computer time for our children, I was hesitant to use this program every day. After seeing how much they are loving it and reading and typing better, I have come to realize how wonderful this program really is. I have recommended it to several of my friends.” Colleen Vukosich

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