Music app for kids: Barnyard Bluegrass

Barnyard Bluegrass
is a Reading Kingdom recommended music app for kids. Tim Donovan from YogiPlay explains why:

“If you begin working in the world of learning apps for kids, you’ll quickly find out that almost every app is designed with sound. Musical scores, spoken words, made up mystery sounds tied to interactions all help to make for a richer, more engaging app experience.  So sound in apps is fundamentally a good thing.

However, there can also be a dark side to sounds in apps where too much of a good thing, can quickly translate an otherwise great experience into the mobile compliment of fingernails scratching on a chalkboard.  And if you’re a parent, then you already know what I’m talking about…..;-)

One way to avoid sound laden apps that could be potentially annoying, is to find apps that actually play real music based on beloved songs.   And such is the case with a super fun and engaging app called Barnyard Bluegrass Lite.

Created by the smart folks at Whynoceros? the whole premise of Barnyard Bluegrass is to introduce your children to the wonderful world of music, and not just any music, but Bluegrass.  Born in the mountainous Appalachia region of the United States, bluegrass shares its roots with Irish, Scottish and English country music, which was brought over by European immigrants early on in our country’s formative years.

Unique in sound and tempo, Bluegrass music is predominantly played on acoustic (stringed) instruments that include fiddle, five-string banjo, guitar, mandolin, and upright bass (string bass).  Bluegrass is the kind of music that’s addictive, knee-slapping fun and filled with energy.

And it’s perfect for kids for just this reason.

What we love about Barnyard Bluegrass is that the app is chock full of old musical favorites that include Old MacDonald, Hole in the Bucket, Itsy Bitsy Spider and my personal favorite  – Turkey in the Straw. Woven into the experience are also some genuine Bluegrass classics like Nine Pound Hammer, Pig in a Pen, Blue Railroad Train and Cluck Old Hen.

What kids will love about Barnyard Bluegrass are the lively characters (cow, chicken, duck, pig and dog) all of whom can “pick” a mean song.  Also kids are invited to try out a variety of instruments including a banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass and fiddle, complete with “kid-friendly” major or minor scales. And even more fun, is the opportunity to “jam” on the front porch of the ol’ farm house with the rest of the barnyard animal characters.

This really is a terrific little app to get kids interested in music, music theory and it offers a nice beginners introduction to one of America’s favorite genres of music, Bluegrass.

So pick this neat app up today, and let the picking begin.  Enjoy!”

Click here to download Barnyard Bluegrass from iTunes!

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