5 Music Apps for Kids – Summer Learning Series

Research spanning 100 years shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of the summer.


These 5 music apps for kids will help stop the summer slide.  Our friends at Kindertown explain more:

5 music apps for kids

1. ABC Music


Learning Area: Art/Music

Price (as of publishing): $2.99


ABC Music brings learning through research and discovery to our youngest learners. Traditional encyclopedia-style presentation combined with accurate sounds, videos and quality images makes the ABC apps from Peapod Labs truly special. Your child will be learning letters and words while they are exposed to information about musical instruments. We also recommend Peapods Labs because they consistently update and improve their apps. Hopefully they will add speech to their interesting facts for non-readers.


2. Cat Doorman’s Little Red Wagon

Learning Area: Art/Music

Price (as of publishing): FREE

Device: iPad

Cat Doorman’s Little Red Wagon from Night & Day Studios takes kids on a musical and interactive journey. Enter the app, choose an instrument and start walking with your little red wagon. As the app sings along you visit the bakery, dairy, garden and more places to pick up what you need for your picnic. The song finishes as you enjoy a messy meal with your friends. Each verse in the song has specific graphics with interaction for kids. An enjoyable app for kids who love repetitive songs and interacting with hidden surprises on the screen.

3. Dr. Seuss Band

Learning Area: Art/Music

Price (as of publishing): $0.99

Device: Universal


Dr. Seuss Band is a highly motivating, learn without even knowing it app for kids. A scale of circles is found at the bottom of the screen which extends to three octaves of notes by a quick tap of well placed arrows. A goofy horn that with a swipe can take on a new look and a new sound fills the top of the screen. Follow the colorful “Guitar Hero” style cues to play along with an seemingly endless amount of “Seussical” melodies with three levels of difficulty. Unlock more songs or instruments parts by reaching set scores or through in-app purchase.


4. Morton Subotnick’s Pitch Painter

Learning Area: Art/Music

Price (as of publishing): $3.99

Device: iPad

Pitch Painter is not just for kids but the whole family. Create your own compositions with a variety of interesting instruments and a delightful, colorful design. The beauty of this app is that your 4 year old can listen and play with sounds while your 14 year old composes simple pieces. Parents, look through the instructions page to get a feel for all the features. Through discovery and exploration music comes alive with Pitch Painter.

5. Musical Paint

music appsLearning Area: Art/Music

Price (as of publishing): $1.99

Device: iPad

Musical Paint is a breath of fresh air in the educational app drawing market. In this app kids are not given an abundance of drawing tools, stickers or other features found in many drawing apps. Kids choose from a few colors and are tasked with creating art and music jointly. As your child’s finger moves across the screen different musical sounds and pitches match their movements.

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