My Son’s Reading Skills Have Skyrocketed!

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Many children are easily bored with other reading programs and their lack of interaction. So was the case with Jennifer and her son. Once she tried the Reading Kingdom learning software and game, she quickly saw that it was teaching her son reading skills, while keeping him entertained at the same time. Here’s what she had to say about our online reading program:

“My son has tried other online reading programs and quickly gets bored with them. This program rewards you with a fun animation and sound whenever you answer a question. My son thinks these are hilarious and it keeps him motivated to continue. In fact, sometimes he asks to do a second lesson. (And believe me, that’s unheard of!). In the 30 days since we have been doing this program my sons reading skills have skyrocketed! He is really loving this program and is even excited to read to me now.” – Jennifer Mirock

There are no other online reading programs like the Reading Kingdom learning software and game for kids. If your children are becoming bored while trying to learn how to read, give them a program that has educated and entertained thousands of children nationwide. Sign up today and receive your first 30 days free!