My Teacher Is a Monster (No, I am Not.)


My Teacher is not a Monster teaches us not to make assumptions about other before getting to know them. The book is reviewed by Melissa Y. at Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:

  •  My Teacher Is a Monster (No, I am Not.) is a wonderful story about the dangers of making assumptions about others.
  • Peter Brown has done it again: he has imparted an important message for children in the guise of a very enjoyable story.
  • This book can be read with very small children or older children, both will “get” the message and both will be very entertained.

Sweet Book Summary:
I love My Teacher Is a Monster (No, I am Not.)! The aforementioned message in My Teacher Is a Monster (No, I am Not.) is the old adage, don’t judge a book by its cover. Bobby, our young student, is behaviorally challenged in the classroom. Ms. Kirby is at her wits’ end trying to keep him engaged. Bobby thinks Ms. Kirby is, you guessed it, a monster. She is always yelling (roaring) at Bobby. The good news is Bobby can escape to his favorite park on the weekends to forget all about the strife in his classroom. But what happens when Ms. Kirby and Bobby meet up by accident in that park over the weekend? They realize they may have misjudged each other and end up really enjoying each other.

What a funny, important book. Peter Brown is a genius at creating funny, entertaining stories that impart important childhood messages, all without young readers ever noticing. If kids even smell a “message”, they’re out. But with Brown’s books, they are never the wiser. I especially like that children will see that adults are fallible and that even teachers can learn a thing or two from their students. The physical transformation of Ms. Kirby over the course of the story is nothing short of brilliant, and the reader will be pouring over the illustrations to see all the details long after the last word has been read.

Author: Peter Brown Illustrator: Peter Brown Published: 2014, 40 pages
Themes: Excellent Read-Aloud, Humor, School, Exquisite Illustrations, and Behavior

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