Mystery books for kids: Cam Jansen

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Cam Jansen (Adventure Series #1) by David A. Adler is one of our favorite mystery books for kids. Melissa Gaynor explains why:

What You Need to Know:

• This series offers a nice introduction to the mystery/detective type of book.
• The scene with the robbers may scare some children as she hides in close range of the bad guys.
• It provides a good example of problem solving by the main characters.
• Although limited character development, it is a good example of boy/girl friendship.
• Cam’s confidence will help readers feel their own sense of empowerment.
• The story line is simple and easy to follow.


In the first book in this series, Cam Jansen solves her first crime when she is at the mall with her best friend, Eric. They are watching his baby brother when they witness a jewelry store being robbed. Cam uses her special technique to remember things, saying “click” to make a picture of the moment in her mind, and then track down the robbers. She encounters some serious trouble with the bad guys along the way, coming face to face with them in their hide out. She uses her quick thinking, though to get out of a bad situation and her first mystery is solved.”

Have your children read Cam Jansen (Adventure Series #1)? What did they think of the book?

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