‘Nation’s report card’ shows declines for lowest-performing students

By Laura Meckler for The Washington Post

National test scores declined for the lowest-performing high school seniors in math and reading, and more than 6 in 10 seniors were not academically prepared for college, according to new data released Wednesday.

Higher-performing students held steady or improved from past years, a pattern visible in other tests administered by the National Assessment of Educational Progress,or NAEP.

One likely explanation for the results is a significant decrease in students dropping out of high school, meaning the cohort of students tested included more lower-achieving students. In earlier years, these students might have left school and been excluded from the testing, experts said.

But this does not fully explain the results, they said, and does not explain declines in younger grades reported previously.

“In both math and reading, we notice a pattern of declining scores concentrated among lower-performing students,” said Peggy Carr, associate commissioner of assessment at the National Center for Education Statistics. “This is a troubling indication that too many students have fallen behind and it’s something we want to know more about.”

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