Netflix may save some children from 150 hours of commercials a year

By Jacob Klein for


Services like Netflix save our kids from over 150 hours of ads for sugary cereal, rot-your-teeth soda, over-hyped toys, and more every year.

We get it, it’s really easy to drop an iPad into your kids’ hands and tell them to stream away, no judgement here. Nothing like a little peace and quiet while the young ones are in the back of the car watching ‘Puffin Rock’ for the 19th time, not speaking from experience here or anything…

But thinking back to our own childhoods, it was impossible to watch an episode of ‘Rugrats’ without being bombarded with several minutes of commercials for Cookie Crisp, Sock ’em Boppers, Creeper Crawlers, Gak, and more. And these days there are more commercials per half hour of television than ever.

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