Non-Fiction Books for Kids: Born to be Giants


When children study dinosaurs, it sparks a sense of curiosity and adventure.  That’s why we’re recommending non-fiction books for kids like Born to be Giants by Lita Judge.  Melissa Gaynor from Sweet on Books explains why:

What You Need to Know:
• Another perfect book for the dinosaur lover in your life.
• This is a non-fiction picture book, written by an author with a paleontology background.
• It is written for an older picture book audience, as it is wordy and full of facts.

This is an interesting, fact-filled look at dinosaurs and their young. The author took the idea of dinosaur families, and attempts to explain, with what research is out there, how dinosaurs were born and raised. The illustrations are quite engaging, as is the research. Did you know that the largest dinosaurs could not raise their young, for fear of trampling them? The author imparts all sorts of fascinating details like this in a very clear and comprehensible way. I especially like that the author uses real objects to give the audience a comparison for size. For example, when describing the size of dinosaur eggs, Judge says some were the size of a golf ball and some were the size of a loaf of french bread, and illustrates the point with pictures of both. I also think the authors’ comparisons of dinosaurs to modern day animals is very helpful. With very tangible ways to impart knowledge to young, concrete learners, I say “Bravo”.

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